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 September 30, 2018 1 p.m.
Venue: SF STATE Coppola Theatre, Fine Arts building, Room 101
Free, bring a friend

With guest animators Alison Snowden and David Fine in person
Alison Snowden and David Fine are the Oscar winning creators of numerous short films, animated TV series, and ads.
They have been working together since they met at film school in London and now reside in Vancouver, BC.


  • Etreintes / Embraced by Justine Vuylsteker, France/Canada (3 min)
    A beautiful tone poem by a young French animator using NFB's Alexeieff-Parker pinscreen, which animates the shadows cast by 500,000 tiny sliding pins.
  • Skin for Skin by Kevin D. A. Kurytnik and Carol Beecher (15 min)
    A visual tour-de-force depicting a horrific canoe trip by 19th century fur traders on a tributary of Hudson Bay.
  • Le Sujet / The Subject by Patick Bouchard (10 min)
    The ultimate out-of-body experience as a live-action Bouchard dissects a life-size model of himself. Does that make this an auto-autopsy?
  • Alison Snowden and David Fine Retrospective
    • Animal Behaviour (14 min, their new film)
      Creatures of various species share their neuroses in a hilarious group therapy session animated by this multiple Oscar nominated couple.
    • Second Class Mail (4 min)
      Alison was nominated for an Oscar in 1985. Their first film is a comic look at a mature woman's search for a satisfying companion.
    • George and Rosemary (10 min)
      Nominated in 1987 (with Eunice Macauley) A wistful and absurd comedy of a geriatric love affair. Part of NFB's program on aging.
    • Bob's Birthday (12 min)
      Oscar winner in 1994. This tongue-in-cheek portrait of a dentist's mid-life crisis spawned the long-running television series Bob and Margaret on Comedy Central. They also collaborated on the Shaun the Sheep television series for Aardman Animations.
Alison and David will do a Q and A. The NFB will also show a trailer and discuss new works in production.

Breaking the Glass Frame: Women and Animation, Past, Present, Future

 October 5, 2018
through October 7, 2018
Venue: University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts


Breaking the Glass Frame: Women and Animation, Past, Present, Future

is an event designed to empower women and LGBTQ+ people by spotlighting female contributions to the field of animation and exploring solutions to sexual harassment, bias and lack of diversity that challenge working women within the industry and academia.

The symposium will feature keynote talks by Academy Award winner, Brenda Chapman (Brave, The Prince of Egypt) and Executive Vice President and Creative Director at Sesame Workshop, Brown Johnson.

Panels include:

  • NextGen World View
  • Breaking Through the Boys’ Club, Strategies for Positive Change in the Industry
  • Advocating for Diversity + Inclusion in Animation: Race, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation + Age
  • An Invisible History – Trailblazing Women of Animation

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2018 Epic Animation Comic Game Fest

 October 27, 2018
through October 28, 2018
 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Albany Community Center
1249 Marin Avenue
Albany, CA 94706Epic ACG Fest is a unique event showcases animation, comics, and games. Through screening, exhibition, and competition, EACG brings together the creative elements, the artists and the general public from worldwide.

During the festival, EACG is also hosting the Live Demonstrations, Networking Receptions, Master Workshops, Panel Discussions, Business Symposiums, Recruiting and the Professional Exhibits offered throughout the event as well as the One-On-One Personal Consultations with creative professionals from top studios and educational institutions both local and international. The Award ceremony is a red carpet event that provides recognition and great memories. Epic ACG fest will screen animations from worldwide.

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