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SFACMSIGGRAPH presents Swing Behind-the-Scenes of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

 March 20, 2019 7:00 p.m.
Venue: ILM Premier Theater
1 Letterman Drive
San Francisco, CA 94129


Imageworks was tasked with breaking the rules in order to create a stylized universe and bring Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to the big screen. From animation to technology, artists were challenged with developing new tools and techniques to create a groundbreaking visual style for this fresh and highly original take on a comic book character beloved by fans worldwide.

Presenter: Danny Dimian, Visual Effect Supervisor - Sony Pictures Imageworks

Danny Dimian is a visual effects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, most recently supervising SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE for Sony Pictures Animation. Previously, Dimian supervised THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE for Rovio Entertainment. He also served as CG supervisor on Disney's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA and CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, where he was responsible for the look development, rendering, color pipeline, and the sequence supervision of lighting and compositing. While at Imageworks, Dimian also worked in various capacities on numerous Academy Award® nominated films including: SURF'S UP (CG supervisor), MONSTER HOUSE (shader writer), for which he helped write the first Imageworks shaders for Arnold, THE POLAR EXPRESS (lead shader writer), SPIDER-MAN™ (shader writer), STUART LITTLE 2 (lighter) and HOLLOWMAN (shader writer).

Dimian is a graduate of the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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 March 21, 2019
through March 24, 2019


GLAS takes place over four days across Downtown Berkeley at various prestigious cultural institutions including theaters, galleries, media centers, and educational institutions.

GLAS exhibits films from local and international artists and filmmakers across the animation spectrum, creating a community and space for industry veterans, historians, animation enthusiasts, and emerging talent from diverse backgrounds to come together, share, learn, and appreciate the animated art form in a critical context. We started GLAS to showcase the most exciting animation being made around the world and expand the scope of how animation is understood as an artistic medium in the United States.

At the heart of the festival is the international competition, which showcases five curated programs of the most exceptional contemporary animated short films. These programs are the highlight of the festival as they demonstrate most fully the expressive abilities of animation as a medium. Created oftentimes by an individual artist or small team, these films push the boundaries of film itself through a singular vision not possible in any other medium.

We also host retrospectives, special-curated programs, workshops, panel discussions, performances, and installations. We invite a diverse range of national and international guest speakers and presenters from various sections of the filmmaking community to come share their works, their knowledge, their expertise, and to facilitate discussion. The speakers and presenters we invite represent a multitude of aspects of the animation community including industry veterans, notable independent animators, curators, performance artists, and installation artists.

Film festivals do not simply show films, but create communities, bringing filmmakers to the festival, sharing knowledge, uniting the international filmmaking community, inspiring aspiring filmmakers, and sharing works with the general public. It’s our belief that this work should be accessible to as many people as possible, and that cultivating and promoting independent animation in the United States will expand the culture of American animation, film, and art, for many generations to come. We also just think if more people are given the opportunity to see these films, they’ll really love them!

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 March 23, 2019 8:30 p.m.
Venue: 992 Valencia in SF


Craig Baldwin says he will show the SF debut of a most marvelous shadow puppet show, Life or Theatre? by Lydia Greer and Caryl Kietz. It deals with "the tragic tales of two Berlin women who changed art history. Lotte Reiniger fashioned a sublime silhouette animation style in the 1930s, whilst Charlotte Salomon opened up a new expansive space between painting and diary… We're delighted to share another Berliner, Sylvia Schedelbauer's multiple award winning Wishing Well."

Also being shown will be Janie Gelser's Magnetic Sleep, Nina Paley's You Gotta Believe, a work by Lewis Klahr and Suzzie Roche and several other films.



 March 24, 2019 


All-Day Screening! An eclectic mix of independent short films (documentary, drama, comedy, and animation) from the Bay Area, the nation, and the world. Six themed shows are followed by filmmaker panels.

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Tuesday French Movie Night: Louise en hiver

 May 14, 2019 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Alliance Française de San Francisco
1345 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Tuesday Movie Night !!!

Every Tuesday a Francophone movie with English subtitles is showing.

Louise en hiver by Jean-François Laguionie (2016)

With: Dominique Frot, Diane Dassigny, Antony Hickling
Genre: Animation

Louise, an old lady, finds herself stranded in a seaside resort after the last train of the holiday season has left the station. But far from panicking, the fearless Louise decides to stay, no matter what awaits her. And the worst does await her: foul weather, heavy rains, high tides. Under such circumstances, will this new Robinson achieve her goal and manage to survive amidst the raging elements?


FR Louise, une vieille dame, se retrouve isolée dans une station balnéaire après que le dernier train de la saison soit parti. Au lieu de paniquer, Louise décide de rester et d’affronter les éléments et sa solitude. Parviendra-t-elle à surmonter ce challenge?

The theater doors open 25 minutes before the movie starts. You are welcome to wait in the library if you arrive before then.

The movie is free but we appreciate a donation of $5 for which we will thank you with a glass of French wine before the movie starts.

See you there!


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