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 August 14, 2018
through August 16, 2018
The Center for Visual Music (CVM in LA) presents five screenings of experimental animation, visual music and abstraction, Aug 14-16 in Sonoma County (1 hour north of SF).

Four screenings (Aug 14-15) will be held at Sonoma State University, Ives Hall.

The final screening on Aug 16 is at Sebastopol Center for the Arts (16mm screening), part of the special closing event with a panel discussion and reception.

The screenings will be held in association with our Visual Music symposium; many ASIFA members might be interested in the talks. Topics to be explored during the Symposium include:

  • audiovisual art,
  • music visualization,
  • Oskar Fischinger,
  • Norman McLaren,
  • color organs,
  • mapping musical scores,
  • 1960s psychedelic light shows,
  • art history & visual music,
  • sonification,
  • IML & visual music performance,
  • hybrid analog/digital live performance,
  • oscilloscopes,
  • preserving video processing instruments,
  • John Cage,
  • James Whitney
  • and much more.
Also featured will be several video spotlights, on Mary Ellen Bute and Fischinger's Lumigraph.

The screenings:

  • Aug 14: New Restorations & Discoveries
    Work by Oskar Fischinger, Lye, Belson, Conner, Dockum and more. With Optical Poetry: Oskar Fischinger Retrospective.
    Classic films by the Father of Visual Music. 7 PM
  • Aug 15, 7 pm, Fischinger's Legacy - a program of films from artists influenced by Fischinger plus a program of New Visual Music. The above are digital screenings.
  • Aug 16, 2 pm, Treasures from the CVM Archive, a 16mm program including some rare prints. Screenings are curated by Cindy Keefer of CVM. A discount Screenings Pass is available now, the first 4 screenings for $20 (early bird price).
    NOTE: The Aug 16 screening is a separate ticket, part of the closing event + wine reception.
All tickets are available via the CVM Symposium website, or via Eventbrite.

Screenings are in conjunction with CVM's Symposium: 18 talks & presentations; 5 screenings; 2 wine receptions!

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 August 15, 2018 12 a.m.

"The film honors the affectless beauty of the original anime art and maintains the outlaw boppiness of the series concept." - Entertainment Weekly

The popular animé series gets its own feature-length film. Set in the year 2071, this popularly acclaimed anime by Shinichir Watanabe follows an eclectic crew of space bounty hunters as they hunt for a terrorist on Mars.

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 August 24, 2018
through August 30, 2018
 various; check listings

Taking place over the course of one strange night as a nameless young woman walks the streets of Kyoto and experiences a series of surreal encounters and odd characters, all the while unaware of the romantic longings of Senpai, a fellow student who is desperate to win her heart.

90% rating by critics, Rotten Tomatoes

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2018 Epic Animation Comic Game Fest

 October 27, 2018
through October 28, 2018
 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Albany Community Center
1249 Marin Avenue
Albany, CA 94706Epic ACG Fest is a unique event showcases animation, comics, and games. Through screening, exhibition, and competition, EACG brings together the creative elements, the artists and the general public from worldwide.

During the festival, EACG is also hosting the Live Demonstrations, Networking Receptions, Master Workshops, Panel Discussions, Business Symposiums, Recruiting and the Professional Exhibits offered throughout the event as well as the One-On-One Personal Consultations with creative professionals from top studios and educational institutions both local and international. The Award ceremony is a red carpet event that provides recognition and great memories. Epic ACG fest will screen animations from worldwide.

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