Cartoon Museum Traveling Third Thursday Event

Third Thursday

The Cartoon Art Museum is proud to partner with The American Bookbinders Museum for a celebration of American history as part of the Yerba Buena Third Thursdays on February 18, 2016, from 5:30-8:00 pm. This event takes place at the American Bookbinders Museum’s new location, 355 Clementina Street, and is free and open to the public. The festivities include live art demonstrations, trivia, food and beverages.

Visitors will enjoy an evening celebration of historical talent with a diverse group of creators from right here in the Bay Area, including Myisha Haynes, Melissa Pagluica, and Liz Mayorga, who will sketch portraits of your favorite historical figures.


For more information, please visit

Visit for more information.

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Sanjay’s Super Team at the 8th Annual Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival

The Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival (BAICFF) will return for its 8th consecutive year January 29-31, 2016. The full weekend Festival, beginning with a Friday evening opening night program, will take place in Oakland at the Chabot Space & Science Center. As in years past, the 8th fest features a full line-up of high-quality, family-friendly films from around the world along with a weekend of innovative animation workshops for children. The Festival will include over 60 animated, live action, short and feature-length films, special “How did they do that?” presentations, and Q&A sessions with award winning guest filmmakers. Films hail from 20 different countries including Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, Brazil, Ireland, England, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, Switzerland, India, Croatia, Argentina, Canada, Hungary, the US & Japan, and almost half are made by female filmmakers. The full program is available at

BAICFF will kick off it 8th year with a Pixar Story Artist Showcase: A Conversation Amongst Peers. Get a behind the scenes glimpse into Pixar’s story process from 5 veteran story artists showing and discussing their work from some of Pixar’s most popular movies, The Incredibles, Inside Out, Cars 2 and Wall*E. 19-year Pixar veteran and BAICFF co-founder, Jim Capobianco will lead the discussion with his Pixar compatriots Enrico Casarosa, Valerie LaPointe, Nate Stanton and Alex Woo. Opening night will also include a sneak peek of Festival shorts.

To learn more about the festival go to

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The GLAS Animation Festival is coming

GLAS is coming to Berkeley March 3 – 6.  They have recently announced selections for the Children’s Competition, US Competition, and International Showcase for GLAS Animation Festival 2016, including the Oscar nominated short We Can’t Live Without the Cosmos by Konstantin Bronzit.  The program is shaping up to be an exciting weekend of animation.  Visit the GLAS Website for more information about Official Competition SelectionsSpecial Programs LineupFestival PassesHotel Discounts, and more!

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Toy Story at Twenty

SFO’s New Exhibit

Toy-Story-At-Twenty-Hero_4Toy Story at Twenty

Recognizing the Twentieth Anniversary of Toy Story SFO is hosting an exhibition, which runs from November 17, 2015, until May 22, 2016. Check out the story behind the story, with a variety of illustrations, props, and sculptures from the making of Toy Story. This is where the 3-D generation of feature-length animated films began. The exhibit is located, before security and is accessible to all visitors, in the International Terminal Main Hall Departures Lobby of the San Francisco International Airport.

A remarkable film setting the bar as the first feature-length computer-animated film while also getting three Academy Awards nominations and becoming the highest-grossing film of the year. ASIFA member Karl Cohen recently attended The SF Film Society’s Toy Story’s Twentieth Anniversary event at The Castro Theater. Read in our December newsletter how he got to hear panel discussions, see film clips and still images as to the making of Toy Story.

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ImageOur Winter Party is Around the Corner
Sunday, January 9th at Odd Ball Films
If you are a student, independent animator or professional working on a side project, share your work with us! Show your work or work in progress and get insight and feedback from our local community. We represent a variety of backgrounds & experience from industry professionals to animation students.
We will also be showing some surprise films from Europe……
Submit your work or work in progress by December 2015!
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Brave Women in Film

The Art of being Brave: Women in Film

Brave: Disney, PixarA noteworthy event on December 2, 2015, at 7:00 pm hosted by the Commonwealth Club. Brenda Chapman and Zoë Elton, two predominate women, will be discussing film, animation, women’s leadership and how cartoons display essential aspects of our world and our roles within it. Brenda Chapman is an Academy Award-winning Director from Brave and Zoë Elton is the Director of Programming, Mill Valley Film Festival.


Just last month there was an initiative set into place by another organization, Women in Animation. They decided to set a goal to create job equality in the animation workforce by 2025. A lofty goal considering that the US is a dismal 28th on the global gender equality list, this may be a far cry to reach it. As it stands now, there are 4 men for every 1 women in the animation industry, roughly 20%……ouch.

Women in Animation(

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10 Animated Shorts Advance, Oscar Race Narrowing

Out of sixty Animated Short Films submitted to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, 10 films will advance in the voting process. One more vote remains in December with results of the final five to be announced January 14, 2016. The 88th Academy Awards will air on February 28, 2016.

Panel Discussion ASIFA-SF

Panel Discussion ASIFA-SF

Program Flyer

Theatrical Program Flyer  17th Annual Animation Show of Shows







Congratulations to Ron Diamond’s showcasing of four films being nominated! Our recent ASIFA-SF screening and discussion included three of these nominated shorts “Love in the Time of March Madness,” “Sanjay’s Super Team,” and “World of Tomorrow,” with a fourth short, “We Can’t Live without Cosmos,” showcased at an earlier screening. Good luck to all the film nominated!

Listed in alphabetical order by title, with their production companies:


“Bear Story (Historia De Un Oso),” Gabriel Osorio, director, and Pato Escala, producer (Punkrobot Animation Studio)

“Carface (Autos Portraits),” Claude Cloutier, director (National Film Board of Canada)

“If I Was God…,” Cordell Barker, director (National Film Board of Canada)

“Love in the Time of March Madness,” Melissa Johnson and Robertino Zambrano, directors (High Hip Productions and KAPWA Studioworks)

“My Home,” Phuong Mai Nguyen, director (Papy3D Productions)

“An Object at Rest,” Seth Boyden, director (California Institute of the Arts)

“Prologue,” Richard Williams, director, and Imogen Sutton, producer (Animation Masterclass)

“Sanjay’s Super Team,” Sanjay Patel, director, and Nicole Grindle, producer (Pixar Animation Studios)

“We Can’t Live without Cosmos,” Konstantin Bronzit, director (Melnitsa Animation Studio)

“World of Tomorrow,” Don Hertzfeldt, director (Bitter Films)


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Fantasia’s 75th Anniversary

See ones of Disney’s boldest movies as it turns 75

Fantasia Poster

Fantasia was originally released in 1940, coming after such big hits as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio. A beautifully made film that blends live action and classic animation with classical music as only “the Magic of Disney” can. Though it wasn’t considered a huge success, at first, it was the first film shown with stereophonic sound and even today still ranks 5th in AFI top ten animation films

AFI top 10


It is being theatrically re-released and features an exclusive introduction and performance by The Philadelphia Orchestra, led by Yannick Nézet-Séguin. See it again in all of its glory on the silver screen which began October 8th at The Castro Theater with additional showings at Cinemark theaters until November 18th.

Check Local theaters and times.

Fantasia Poster

Additionally, you can see original art and even a short documentary on the film at the Walt Disney Family Museum.


Fantasia artwork

Walt Disney Family Museum

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The Iron Giant

Short notice, but if you have time Saturday you might want to check this out.

iron-giant-signature-editionTHE IRON GIANT: SIGNATURE EDITION: Digitally re-mastered and re-released to the silver screen, this box-office misfire became a beloved animated work and cult favorite. A boy’s best friend is his robot in this animated adventure from Brad Bird, best known for his TV work on such series as The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and The Critic. Set in 1957, The Iron Giant focuses on Hogarth (voice of Eli Marienthal), an imaginative nine-year-old boy who daydreams of alien invasions and doing battle with Communist agents. One day, Hogarth hears a local fisherman talk about something that surpasses anything he could dream up: a fifty-foot robot that fell from the sky into a nearby lake. Needless to say, Hogarth’s mom, Annie (voice of Jennifer Aniston) finds this a little hard to swallow, but when Hogarth finds the robot (voice of Vin Diesel) and fishes him out of the water, his pal Dean (voice of Harry Connick Jr.), a beatnik sculptor who also runs a junkyard, offers to help by hiding the robot with his salvage. A government agent named Kent Mansley (voice of Christopher McDonald) soon gets wind that there’s a mechanical invader of unknown origins in the neighborhood and wants to wipe out the potential threat. However, the robot (which loves to eat metal and is learning to talk) turns out to be friendly, and the boy in turn tries to teach his new pal the ways of humans.

Popcorn Palace every Saturday at 10 AM.
$10 gets ticket, popcorn and drink!

Sat 11/7: 10 AM

Buy Tickets

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See Big Hero 6


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