“It’s All About Perspective”

ASIFA-SF Profile: Karen Lithgow

It’s always fun to share success stories—especially when the good news is about one of our own. Karen Lithgow has been treasurer of ASIFA-SF for years but is a relative newbie when it comes to art and animation. She left the world of corporate finance in 2000 to pursue her dream of making hand-drawn 2D cartoons.  After years of training and practice (teaching herself about art, Flash, and everything in between) she developed her own “cut-paper” style of animation. After some trial efforts, she completed a 7-minute opus entitled It’s All About Perspective.

It was a long road that took a couple of years, including some grueling back and forth with her fellow animators, and a lot of long, lonely hours. Then in 2010, her satire of the gated community lifestyles received an Honorable Mention award from the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival. (It was also  nominated for a  “Voiceover” award in the animation category.) And this year, the film was accepted into he 2011 California International Animation Festival, screened on KAZV TV.

She’s now working freelance on a series of animated algebra lessons for teens. All we can say is, keep going Karen! We’re proud of ya!

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