An Order of Pastrami to Go!








g-dcast Blends Food and Animation for a higher authority

This April, g-dcast will debut “Studio Pastrami,” an event for creative twenty-somethings living in the Bay Area who are interested in the San Francisco food scene and expanding their connection to the Jewish community. They are looking to form a cohort of 12 individuals who will gather at four must-try San Francisco eateries to eat, drink, and crack open classic Jewish texts about food. Together the group will conceptualize the look, feel, and sound of a film that will be animated and featured on The event will take place on four Monday evenings this April.

Even if you don’t fit the profile for Studio Pastrami, animation fans will find g-dcast worth a look. It’s a non-profit production company dedicated to raising worldwide Jewish literacy through storytelling and animation. It’s fun and educational, even if you’re not a member of the tribe!

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