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What Inspires You?

Five Animators Reveal Their Sources The latest issue of the ASIFA-SF newsletter should be in member’s mailboxes or coffee tables by now. In it, renowned animators Tom Sito, Davd Fine, Mark Fiore, Shelia M. Sofian and Signe Baumane discuss their … Continue reading

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Hear the Real Looney Tunes!

Raymond Scott Music Live at BAM Friday, Dec. 7 @ 7:30pm Remember all that great music from Warner Bros. cartoon, like “Powerhouse” and “Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals”? Even if you don’t know the names, you can’t … Continue reading

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Take A Break From the Xmas Rush

See Something ParaNormal at the Cartoon Art Museum Next time you’re in San Francisco, why not chuck the shopping bags for the afternoon and check out The Art of ParaNorman—The exhibition features concept art, puppets, sets and more from LAIKA’s … Continue reading

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Science On Screen

Math = Magic : How Science Powers Pixar’s Animation Sunday, October 28, 7:00pm Tony DeRose, Senior Scientist and Research group lead at Pixar Animation Studios, will deliver an illustrated lecture on the extraordinary contribution of mathematics to animated films. At … Continue reading

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Animation Bloggers Wanted

ASIFA-SF needs your help!  We need writers to post news and upcoming events, as well as keep the site updated with fresh information and to get discussions going.  Our website is an important means of attracting new members, facilitating membership renewal, … Continue reading

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Experimental Animation At SFSU

SFSU and ASIFA-SF Screening Friday, September 21 at 7:30pm FREE, Open to the Public   You are invited to a wild and woolly collection of wondrous animation. Where does the latest technology and artistic invention meet? In unusual techniques applied to … Continue reading

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Shrunken Heads On the March!

SJSU Animation Students Rally on Campus The combined animation and illustration students at San Jose State University gathered on the quad to voice their request for a “fair share of funds for their students. Right now the animation program is at … Continue reading

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Japanese Animation Spectacular

The Studio Ghibli Collection: 1984 – 2009 Retrospective in Berkeley thru Sept. 27 Opening Friday, September 14 at the California Theatre for an exclusive two week engagement, is a festival showcasing thirteen beloved feature films from Japanese directors Hayao Miyazaki, … Continue reading

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Strike A Pose?!

New Stop Motion Union Being Formed We just heard about the formation of a Stop-Motion Union and thought it was worth sharing: the organization is in its embryonic stage but there is a private networking website for professional Stop-Motion feature animators to discuss … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss It!

Visit aVisionary’s Work in SF The treasure that is The Walt Disney FamilyMuseum continues to provide a wealth of attactions. There’s only one month left to enjoy Heinrich Kley: From Fantasy to Fantasia, featuring drawings by Heinrich Kley (Germany, 1863-1945)—Walt Disney’s … Continue reading

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