Don’t Miss It!

Visit aVisionary’s Work in SF

The treasure that is The Walt Disney FamilyMuseum continues to provide a wealth of attactions. There’s only one month left to enjoy Heinrich Kley: From Fantasy to Fantasia, featuring drawings by Heinrich Kley (Germany, 1863-1945)—Walt Disney’s most admired European illustrator—paired with art from Disney’s famed animated film Fantasia (1940). This gem of an exhibition features 24 drawings and three amazing scrapbooks by Kley, alongside more than 20 Disney works, including sketches, concept art, and maquettes from the Walt Disney classic film Fantasia.

The Kley artworks are from Walt Disney’s personal collection and are on view for the first time as a collection in the United States. But there’s other goodies to lure animation fans to the Presidio showcase as well, including screening of Fantasia, DIY classes and, of course, a standing exhibit so rich that it demands repeat visits. For more info, go to the museum website.

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