Bay Area Calendar

J a n u a r y
ASIFA-SF Open Screening (for Pros + Indies) • S.F.

F e b r u a r y
SF Indie Fest (film festival) • S.F.
AOD Animation on Display (fan convention) • S.F.

M a r c h
Cinequest Film Festival (world entries) • San Jose
Game Developers Conference (trade show) • S.F.
ASIFA-SF Careers In Animation (student seminar) • SFSU
Disposable Film Festival (for non-professionals) • S.F.

A p r i l
San Francisco International Film Festival • S.F.

M a y
Student Film Finals (San Francisco State) • S.F.
Maker Faire (DIY convention)  • San Mateo
Big Wow! Comic Fest (fan convention) • San Jose
San Francisco Silent Film Festival • S.F.

J u n e
ASIFA-SF Open Screening (for Students) • S.F.

J u l y
ASIFA-SF Summer Potluck (and Screening) • S.F.

A u g u s t
The Brainwash (Drive-in Bike-in Walk-In) Movie Festival • Oakland

S e p t e m b e r
Berkeley Video and Film Festival • Berkeley

O c t o b e r
Mill Valley Film Festival • Marin County

N o v e m b e r
SF International Animation Festival • S.F.
Ron Diamond’s Show of Shows (trade screenings) • Bay Area

D e c e m b e r
SJSU Shrunken Head Man End-of-the-Year Screening (SJSU student presentation) • San Jose