Learn To Be A Better Cartoonist

Or, just watch a guy who looks like a cartoon…
Saturday,  July 7, 1:00pm at the Cartoon Art Museum 

Based on his DVD Cartooning Shortcuts, Formulas & Cheap Tricks, animator Gene Hamm will take you will take you from basic shapes to drawing a cartoon head from every angle. Gene makes things simple. Most people can draw the head from the front or the side, but with formulas Gene learned from working in Hollywood animation studios, he will show you how to easily draw three-quarter views of the head (human or critter) looking up, down and all around. Along the way, he will analyze the basic shapes of characters such as Bugs Bunny, Garfield and Bart Simpson. He will show how to draw expressions and the difference between a real head and a cartoon head.

1-3 PM, Saturday July 7 at the Cartoon Art Museum. Suitable for for teens and adults, $30 for CAM members, $40 for non-members, you can register for the class here or call 415.227.8666, ext. 309 for more information.

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