Local Boy Makes Good (Film)

Charlie Corriea is a San Francisco native with deep roots in the city—and he’s also one of ASIFA-SF’s own. So we were very pleased to hear that he’s just been awarded “Best Emerging Filmmaker” at the Mendocino Film Festival. “I need to make another good film so that I may be invited back! I want to live in Mendocino one day, and I can’t wait to get back there,” Charlie says. “The Festival’s staff were incredibly kind hearted and supportive of my efforts. The surprise for me came when I saw some of the films they where screening and I could not believe that they wished to count my little film among them. That was a true honor.”

His award winning film Fu-De tells the story of a Japanese artist who fights to control his creation from within. This hand drawn and painted animated short was his undergraduate thesis film at SF State. Charlie explains “My artistic vision revolves around a spirit of innovation—merging cutting edge technology and techniques with traditional methods and media to produce work whose style is dictated by the needs of the story (which is the heart of human communication)”. Obviously, he knows what he’s talking about—Fu-De has also won the “Best Animated Short” award at the Excelsior Short Film Festivalin SF.

Congratulations Charlie—you deserve some great animation gigs as a result of this recognition!

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