Marty and Hugo at Skywalker

Fabled Director Talks Tech Tuesday, Jan. 17

As part of the award season runup to the Oscars, Martin Scorsese appeared at the Skywalker Sound Theater to an audience of Guild members after a screening of his latest film. As you might expect, he had a LOT to say about it, from how the rooftops of Paris influenced his shooting choices; to his amazement at how natural sunlight could still look better than the most sweetened CGI. The biggest takeaway for this viewer, however, was the director’s apparent “surrender” to the technology. He doesn’t pretend to understand how hi-def 3-D cameras work, but he certainly knows how to make them work in the service of the story. If you haven’t seen Hugo in 3-D yet, run!–do not walk– to your local theater. This is the most heartfelt 3-D film ever made (in part because of how 3-D is applied!), and we have the most unlikely director of a “children’s film” to thank for it.

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