One More Party Invite


ASIFA’s Annual Holiday Party & Screening
Winners of the ASIFA-East Competition

Yes, it’s the Christmas Season but us animators never take the straight and narrow road. So we’ll be celebrating Christmas in January, with our annual 12th Night Potluck. Come celebrate, network, eat, drink and laugh. ASIFA-SF will provide the basics. Please feel free to add to the treats.

We’ll party with the top films from the longest running animation festival in the US, and present a tribute to our dearly departed pal and rogue, Don Albrecht, with a selection of outrageous moments from his best work. The whole shebang starts at 6pm on Sunday, January 8 at Oddball Films, 275 Capp, third floor (Capp runs between Mission and South Van Ness, on Capp near 18th St.) free, bring a friend, films start around 7:30.

This is a great show of shorts by Bill Plympton, Patrick Smith, David Levy, John Dilworth, David Chai, Mo Willems and other fine artists. The ASIFA-East awards were presented in May in NYC, and include:

BEST IN SHOW Accumulonimbus, Andy Kennedy
BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM Guard Dog Global Jam, Bill Plympton
BEST MUSIC VIDEO Dot Dot Dot: Around the World(And Back), Bryan Brinkman
BEST EDUCATIONAL FILM Sesame Street:Word on the Street, David B. Levy

1st Place Grandpa Looked Like William Powell ,  David B. Levy
2nd Place Enrique Wrecks the World ,  David Chai
3rd Place Barko, Allison Craig

Excellence in Animation Masks, Patrick Smith
Excellence in Design Nosy Bear, Fran Krause
Excellence in Humor. Bunny Bashing, John R. Dilworth

Commissioned Over 2mins.
1st Place Danny & Annie, The Rauch Brothers
2nd Place Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, Pete List & Mo Willems
3rd Place The Human Voice, The Rauch Brothers

Excellence in Animation The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, Pete List & Mo Willems
Excellence in Design The Buddha: Enlightenment, Asterisk Animation
Excellence in Humor Christmas Shoes, Brian Musikoff & John Kuramoto

Commissioned Under 2mins.
1st Place Chilevision La Verdad, Juan Delcan
2nd Place Midtown Twist,  Gary Lieb
3rd Place, Catalyst, Bill Plympton

Excellence in Animation Farley in Thinking of You, Greg Ford, Doug Compton, Adrian Urquidez
Excellence in Design Urban Stencil, Christi Bertelsen
Excellence in Design Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival  Bumper 2011, Vaccese & Noelle Melody

1st Place To Have and To Hold, Jessica Polaniecki
2nd Place Book Girl and Cabinet Girl, Jane Wu
3rd Place Prayers for Peace, Dustin Grella


We will vote for the winner of our audience award after the program.


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