The free exhibit, the West Coast premiere screening run, has been held over until Feb. 10.

The recently restored print has been exhibited at the Whitney in New York City, the Tate Modern in London, and now here in a new space designed to exhibit it properly.

This rare masterwork by Oskar Fischinger is being presented as a three-projector HD reconstruction by Center for Visual Music. It will be shown Dec. 16 – Feb. 10 at Weinstein Gallery at 444 Clementina, San Francisco. It runs continually. They will also be showing animation artwork from the film Radio Dynamics and other material from Fischinger's papers from the Center for Visual Music's collection in LA.

The gallery is closed Sun. & Mon.

It is a fascinating film experience, a rare chance to see this experimental work of animation created about 1926 (restored in 2012). It is a totally abstract work except for a drawing of a woman. The curator of the SF exhibit said one person told her she thought the woman represented an angel, but the curator informed her that the lady was from the label on a bottle of beer Oskar liked.

I spent almost an hour enjoying the presentation. The experience of seeing it is images are somewhat like a top rated light show, but Oskar’s images were made by using different materials including lots of animation art, wax, and flowing liquids. It isn’t like a Fillmore show or what Obscura Digital creates.

It is being shown in the Weinstein Gallery's 2nd space South of Market and the black room and projection is ideal. The really wide screen (about 30’ wide) is so wide it fills your field of vision. Oskar sometimes showed it in his studio and in other spaces in Germany using up to 5 projectors and the music was performed live. The current version uses three bright video projectors, and a period John Cage soundtrack.

The show has been extended to Feb. 10.  The gallery is in a modernized S. of Market warehouse at 444 Clementina between 5th & 6th St.  Sixth St. going towards Market is inhabited by some sad looking street people so some people might feel more comfortable going there with a friend.  There is parking on one side of Clementina.  The street of Clementina was free of debris and a large new building complex is across the street from the warehouse.

Weinstein Gallery’s main exhibit space is at 383 Geary and the current exhibit is their 25th anniversary show consisting of experimental works from their collection.

— Karl Cohen

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