We’re Back With More!

ASIFA-SF Annual Spring Screening PART TWO
Friday, July 20 • 7:15pm

Last month’s show was an unqualified success, brimming over with so many entries we couldn’t fit them all in. So we’re back with more great local work including:

Comissioned Work
The Parable of the Tuilerie by Leonard Cohen; The Story of Animation by David Tart
A commercial ad and a pilot for a comedy series by Hammination (Gene Hamm)
Two Comcast commercials by Cartoonland (Kevin Coffey)

Independent animators
Carolina Shout by Luke Jaeger from his series of ‘antique music videos’
Hope by Sabrina Wanie from Germany with music by Nik Phelps
It’s All About Perspective by Karen Lithgow (ASIFA-SF’s treasurer)
Jeanette and the Red-Faced Man, a stop-motion film by Carla Mealla
Plato by Leonard Cohen; Rain Or Shine by Tony Claar

Independent animators
Dear Pluto by Joanna Priestly; Rathle by Jefferson Thomas
There’s An App For That by Alan Orcutt; The Tyger by Mark West
Rocks In My Pockets by Signe Bauman (work in progress)

Plus one or two remarkable surprises from Europe! And we’ll be voting or best in show.
Join us at our animation banquet, a feast for your eyes!

At the Exploratorium’s McBean Theatre, FREE, public invited, free parking.

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