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Here’s a short bit of work from Corrie Francis Parks.

Here’s a holiday treat.  At our recent screening of Long Lost Treasures from the Tournee of Animation, we screened excerpts from ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Richard Williams.  Turns out, the entire film is available online at YouTube.

I saw a link today in my Facebook news feed to a story about an early graphic novel that William Burroughs was working on with Malcolm McNeil.  Sadly, they were unable to find a publisher willing to print the full collaboration, so Burroughs ended up publishing just the text in 1979 as “As Pook is Here.”  McNeil’s artwork has now been published, though no longer married to the text.  The story reminded me of the animated short, “Ah Pook is Here.” And here’s a link to the story that got me started down this path:

The classic that really got the ball rolling at Pixar: Luxo Jr.

Word is Cordell Barker is working on something new.  This is why that excites me.

There’s so much good stuff available online that I thought we should start including some of it.  Enjoy!

When the Day Breaks by Amanda Forbis & by Wendy Tilby,
National Film Board of Canada