Already primed for a substance misused disorder due in part to his early introduction to drugs and alcohol, Mikey developed an opioid addiction quickly. That led to a series of three major knee surgeries across three years, and Mikey was on opioids the entire time. When his prescriptions were gone, he obtained opioids from others.

While Mikey was growing up, his parents both had two to three jobs; they were doing their best to support their three children, of which Mikey was the youngest. Because his sisters were five and eight years older, Mikey began staying home alone when he was young—to his recollection, he was only six or seven years old. He learned to only rely on himself, to solve his own problems.

Recovery Gear

After his second DUI, he was offered the opportunity to enter rehab. For Mikey, it was as if someone had thrown him a rope in the middle of a freefall. Mikey now appreciates small things in life, like the smell and sight of both the rain and the sunshine, or waking up and going outside to feel the breeze on his face. He enjoys spending time with his mother, his girlfriend and her kids, and, of course, his beloved dog. “I never would have checked myself into rehab, ever,” he said. For some reason I just was like ‘I am in.’” That set him on the path of chasing recovery.

“I want to help other people see that there is a better way, give them the opportunity,” he said. He hopes to one day be able to go into schools and share his story. Though he knows most teens won’t truly hear what he has to say, he feels that if he can reach just one person, it is worth the effort.

The Dangerous Connection Between Cannabis and Opioids

In that one week, Mikey attended funeral services not just for his father, but also his best friend, who had passed away previously from an overdose. Mikey was introduced to alcohol and cannabis at the young age of 13. By the end of high school, he had also used cocaine and meth. A year after high school, he was playing in a local men’s basketball league and blew out his ACL and meniscus in his right knee. By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol.

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And the only time that I feel that I’m in a world that’s familiar to me is when I’m with — you know, last night I went to an event that a few different families of American hostages were meeting at. And when I’m with those people, we all know that parallel universe. After overdosing a second time on a pressed pill laced with fentanyl, Mikey made a strong effort to avoid opioids.

Chasing Recovery: Mikey’s Story

As president, there is no higher priority for me than the safety of Americans held hostage. And somehow bringing in the context is offensive to people. I’m — there’s like a film between us because I’m not in their world.

  • He began repairing relationships, and is relieved to acknowledge that he treats his mother better than he did before.
  • He learned to only rely on himself, to solve his own problems.
  • You’ll sit here pumping all kinds of [stuff] into your body for all these years to try to feel better, but you won’t take something somebody’s actually prescribed?
  • Oh, there’s not been one day — I don’t think there’s been one hour that I haven’t thought he’s dead.

“But she said something very powerful to me while I was in there,” he recalled. “She looks at me and she’s like, ‘Why won’t you take a pill that might actually help? You’ll sit here pumping all kinds of [stuff] into your body for all these years to try to feel better, but you won’t take something somebody’s actually prescribed? He has found joy in cheering up others and helping others, and has set a personal goal to become a peer recovery specialist so he can do both.

Whenever he couldn’t get opioids, he turned to heavy alcohol use. “My dad and I had a very up and down relationship my whole life,” Mikey said. His father, being a teacher and a coach, was tough on Mikey, to the point where the son felt he couldn’t live up to his father’s standards. Mikey’s father wasn’t demonstrative or verbal about his love for his son.

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“I can tell you how many times my dad probably told me he loved me or was proud of me or one to two hands my entire life,” Mikey said. And so they didn’t have to pay certain taxes mikes off road recovery before the end of the fiscal year. All of that added up to this huge drop in tax revenues. And I hope that it’s to a minimum, the agony and suffering is kept to a minimum.