Celebrating International Animation Day!

The 13th Animated Show of Shows returns to the Bay Area!

For the past 12 years ASIFA-SF has been presenting “The Animation Show of Shows” organized by Ron Diamond of awn.com and Acme Filmworks in LA.  For several months Ron has been travelling to international animation festivals seeking out great films and meeting the animators, so expect another outstanding, members-only program on Oct. 20.  Come see the exceptional works Ron has acquired—and there’s a preview here.

(Members must contact president Karl Cohen in order to get on the guest list—and if you’re not a member, you can always become one, right now.)

This is our International Animation Day celebration.  Started in 2002 by ASIFA members in Paris, Oct. 28 is now a global event celebrating the art of animation. This celebration commemorates Emile Reynauds’ first public performance of his Theatre Optique at the Grevin Museum, Paris, in 1892.

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3 Responses to Celebrating International Animation Day!

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  2. animator says:

    I think you will enjoy reading Patrick Lake’s take on the event last night,
    our International Animation Day Event (Patrick is the director of the slightly outrageous film “Pirate Scum” made using Flash.). http://pats-animation.livejournal.com/

    Ron Diamond really put together a remarkable program with several extra surprises added. So check out his blog. Ron also has a blog on his Animation Show of Shows tour at http://www.awn.com

    I’ll bet that if polled the 100+ people who attended the program all 14 films shown last night would have gotten votes – they were all exceptional for different reasons.
    If Ron shows this free program in your area, don’t miss it!

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