Shhh! Underground Cartoons!

Early Silent Animation  for 3 weekends…in Berkeley!

The Berkeley Underground Film Society (BUFS)  is an all ages club for collectors, researchers, and film enthusiasts in the East Bay and San Francisco area. Their goal is to review and share a selective film history of movies on film. Every Sunday, we screen buried, rarely projected, or otherwise obscure 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm prints in our collection. Est. 12/21/2010

07/15 – TERRYTOONS: A Tribute to Paul Terry & Van Buren Studios
One night of many sound animated shorts from the legendary Bay Area native; Paul Terry featuring selected 16mm Terrytoons from the BUFS collection. Titles include: Little Boy Blue (1933)  Holland Days (1934) Grand Uproar (1933)  Farmyard Whoopee (c. 1933)  Romeo and Juliet (1933)  Pirate Ship (1933)  Hokum Hotel (1932) and other fun surprises!

7/22 – THE BRAY STUDIOS: Pioneers Animation & Stop Motion
Bobby Bumps (1916–1922): directed by Earl Hurd
Farmer Al Falfa (1916–1917): directed by Paul Terry
Out of the Inkwell (1916, 1918–1919): directed by Max Fleischer and Dave Fleischer
Goodrich Dirt (1917–1919): directed by Wallace A. Carlson
Jerry on the Job (1919–1920): directed by Gregory La Cava, Vernon Stallings
Happy Hooligan (1920–1921): directed by Gregory La Cava, Bill Nolan
Judge Rummy (1920–21): directed by Gregory La Cava
Hot Dog Cartoons (1926–1927): directed by Walter Lantz and Clyde Geronimi

Along with the work of Raoul Barré, Pat Sullivan, and Emile Cohl.  Including very rare stop-motion animated cartoons done by the Kinex Studios in 1929 for Kodak Cinegraph.

07/29 – SOUND & SILENT Animation Review on 8MM, SUPER 8 + 16MM
Rare animated gems of the 1910’s through 70’s featuring the work of Winsor McCay, Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks, Art Clokey, Chuck Jones, John Hubley and more!

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