Stayin’ Cool in July

Animation at the Frozen Film Festival in SF

Catch a showcase of the year’s “best new independent avant-garde pop culture films.” On Friday July 8, 10:30PM, The Roxie Theater presents, Best Animated Shorts of 2011 including Surviving Hunger by Song Belgum, Kidnap by Sijia Luo, Gift by Shaun Kim, Triboluminescence by Ben Ridgway, The Girl And The Fox by Tyler J. Kupferer, Pirate Scum by Patrick Lake, Demolition Disco – Big Mama with music by Kronck and animation by Maximilian Gerlach, Over There Is Over Here by Morehshin Allahyari, The Birds Upstairs by Christopher Jarvis, Out on a Limb by Daisy Lin, and Something Left, Something Taken by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata.

Then on Saturday, Sat. July 9, 12noon, you can see the Best Experimental Art House Shorts of 2011 includes the animated Dias De Los Muertos by Scott Renk, B’raesheet by John Teton (a former animation instructor at SF State) and other animated and live action shorts. The Roxie Theater is a venerable San Francisco art house that continues to show films hard to see anywhere else. Get out of the summer fog and chill at the Frozen Film Festival.

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